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Jessica. Twenty-one years young.
Married to my best friend
October 22, 2011
Boston Bruins
MA raised, CA living. ♥

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strawberry hi-hat cupcakes.

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ana banana

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Beef and Broccoli

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When I think of teams, I also think of their fan bases as well.


Vancouver: Overthrew their fuckin city. Enough said

Pittsburgh: Worships Crosby all day and will argue for hours that he is a perfect almighty god

Toronto: The definition of a hockey fan holy shit. They probably do crazy rituals before every game.

Chicago: Writes erotic fanfiction of Kazer…

another hockey joke



Why don’t the Bruins drink tea?

Because Montreal and the Red Wings have all the cups. 

How does a Habs fan change a light bulb?

They don’t. They just talk about how good the old one was.

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One Love